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Game Changers Movie Review: Fact vs. Fiction

Game Changers Movie: Who’s Behind The Film? Questioning The “Facts” Inside The Game Changers Movie The Takeaway: More Fiction Than Fact The Game Changers movie is a new film touting the benefits of veganism, narrated by James Wilks, a former winner of The Ultimate Fighter and elite special forces trainer. In this documentary, James interviews ...

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What is Keto 2.0 and Is It The Next Big Thing?

What Is Keto 2.0? How Is Keto 2.0 Different From Traditional Keto? The Real Deal With Keto 2.0 Get The Best Of Both Worlds Takeaway It seems like the ketogenic diet went from obscurity to one of the top trending weight loss diets overnight.  And although keto can certainly help you shed some extra pounds, ...

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US News Ranked Keto Diet Second To Last: Should You Be Worried?

Is The Keto Diet Dangerous? Here’s What The Rankings Really Mean Category 1: Keto for Type 2 Diabetes Category 2: Keto’s Ease of Use Category 3: Keto for Heart Health Category 4: Keto for Short Term Weight Loss Category 5: Keto for Long Term Weight Loss Category 6: Keto for Nutrition Category 7: Keto Diet ...

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Are the New Halo Top Ice Cream Flavors Healthy?

New Keto Halo Top Flavors Is Halo Top Keto-Friendly? Halo Top Ingredients: Are They Healthy? Will Keto Halo Top Support Weight Loss? Where To Find Keto-Series Halo Top Halo Top was founded in 2011 with the goal of delivering premium desserts that people can feel good about. Their original line consisted of a variety of ...

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Is Eating Meat Bad for The Planet?

What Are Greenhouse Gases? The Real Story Behind Greenhouse Emissions The Benefits Of Pasture-Raised Meat The Real issue  Benefits Of Pasture-Raised Meat Takeaway With the increasing popularity of meat-based diets like keto and paleo, many plant-based advocates and environmentalists are raising a red flag around animal production and its effect on the environment.  Reports from ...

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Keto and Coronavirus: Can the Keto Diet Help Fight the Flu?

If you’ve turned on the news, read the paper, or pretty much engaged in any social interaction in the last few weeks, then you’ve heard about the coronavirus.  What makes this new virus so frightening is not so much what we know — but what we don’t yet know. As cases of the coronavirus continue ...

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